Publication Ethics

For Authors

The authors have to adhere to the common ethical policy in an academic publication to prevent any ethical misconduct in the publication of Papua Journal of Diplomacy and International Relations (PJDIR). They must ensure and make a statement that his/her manuscript has not been published and/or submitted to other journals for publication. The authors are also expected to use proper citation of the American Psychological Association (APA). PJDIR will not tolerate any kinds of plagiarism and research frauds (data fabrication and falsification). Once the authors’ article gets published, the manuscript’s copyright becomes the property of PJDIR. If the author would like to withdraw an article submission, he/she has to inform PJDIR, and both parties reach an agreement. When the manuscript is published, authors may use their published article under PJDIR copyrights. The authors, who have previously published their article on PJDIR, can only submit and publish his/her article after 2 (two) volumes have elapsed.


For Editorial Boards

The Editorial Board of PJDIR takes full responsibility for all manuscripts that have already been published and will be published in every edition. The board is also responsible to decide which manuscript will be published in every edition, based on the review from reviewers. The Editorial Board has to ensure equal opportunities for submission, not making decisions based on aspects such as gender, nationality, religion, ethnic and political principle. The Editorial Board has to ensure that articles published have gone through a blind review process. The Editorial Board also ensures that the identity of the author is not known by the reviewer and vice versa. The manuscripts are not to be discussed with external parties without permission from the editor-in-chief. The Editorial Board is not allowed to use any manuscript for personal benefit without the author’s permission.


For Reviewers

The reviewers will receive a manuscript without the author’s identity to make sure that the review process is fair. The reviewers have to ensure the anonymity of the process. The reviewers have to make a fair and objective evaluation of the manuscript with clear arguments and explanations. Any decision on the manuscript, whether to be published, revised, or rejected is based on the reviewer’s evaluation.