Pengembangan Aplikasi Pengamanan Data Menggunakan Program Delphi

Supiyanto Supiyanto, Samuel A. Mandowen


Security of data transmission that contains important messages and secrets become a top priority. Therefore, required an appropriate data security to guarantee confidentiality. Data security or secret messages that can be done in a way to hide the secret data into multimedia data. One of the security of data or messages in the container known as steganography.

This study aims to create an application program that can be used to hide a message to the media or container. Messages used in the form of text data, and the media are used as a carrier of a secret message (carrier files) such as image (images) in BMP format, while developing the application will use the Delphi programming language.

The method used in this research is the Least Significant Bit (LSB). Steganographic techniques with this method are done by modifying the bits belonging to bit LSB in each byte of color in a pixel of an image. An LSB bit is modified to be replaced by any existing LSB bits of the message you want to hide. After all the message bits replace bits LSB in the image file, then the message has been successfully hidden information.

Results from this study are the application program that can be used to hide messages in a container in the form of BMP image format and if seen with the eye, the image of the container before and after insertion of the message there is no difference.

Keywords : Image, LSB, Steganography, Bit, Least Significant Bit, Steganography

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