Ekuivalensi Idempoten Pada Ring Rickart dan Ring Baer

Titik Suparwati


The research aims at identifying the characteristics of Rickart Rings and Baer Rings and to analyse relation between both of them. Moreover, properties in Idempotents Equivalence on Rickart Rings and Baer Rings will be proved.This research is performed by studying definisons and theoerems due to Rickart Rings and Baer Rings.

The result shows that every Baer Rings is Rickart Ring and Rickart Ring wich satisfies that R the set of idempotent-generated principal right ideals is a complete lattice is Baer Rings. The properties of Idempotents Equivalence on Rickart Ring and Baer Rings has been proved.    

 Keywords : Rickart Rings, Baer Rings, and Equivalence of Idempotent

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