Implementasi dan Evaluasi Kemanfaatan Program Pendidikan di Kabupaten Yalimo Tahun 2015

Ibrahim Kristofol Kendi


This study examines the implementation of programs and educational activities conducted by the Government of Yalimo Regency in 2015. This study used qualitative approach. Data were collected by using literature study and observation. Source of data derived from empirical facts and some notes (secondary data) i.e. documents RPJMD, LKPJ and Renstra SKPD Yalimo District Education Office. The result of data processing shows that the implementation of educational programs in Yalimo has not reached the expected point. There are some issues that are considered urgent to be implemented. Among others, the number of teachers is very minimal even at the level of kindergarten is not there at all, the availability of school facilities infrastructure, grant quantity, nine years complete program, complete illiteracy, competence of educators and strengthening of school management governance.


Implementation; Evaluation, Utilization; Educational Program; Yalimo.

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