Critical Review dan Analisis Teori Pembangunan: Suatu Pemikiran Penelitian Tindakan Partisipatori Anisur Rahman


  • Aldrin Watson Gainau Program Studi Ilmu Administrasi Negara FISIP Univesitas Cendrawasih, Papua,


Theory, Development, Research, Action.


This article is a critical review of the development theory developed by Anisur Rahman through the study of participatory actions. The review in this article uses a critical review approach. According to Anisur Rahman in the discourse of People Self-Development, capacity building and personality can bring people out of the decline and poverty and develop or build people's economy based on local potential that it has not just imposed a concept, theory or issue thrown the international world without any process of articulation and negotiation first. The theory that became the focus of review is the theory of development. As the results of the study, it was identified that criticism and criticism of the concept of development or modernization continue to be born from scientists or figures who disagree with the concept of development. Anisur Rahman discourse the conception that the alternative paradigm then comes to the belief that development does not always come from the 'top'.


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