Perubahan Nilai dan Orientasi Masyarakat dalam Penerimaan Disabilitas


  • Ferry R. P. P. Sitorus Ilmu Kesejahteraan Sosial, Jurusan Sosiologi, FISIP Universitas Cendrawasih, Papua,


Disability, Values, Community Orientation, Change.


This article is the result of a study on the orientation of society to the existence of disability. Community orientation tends to be negative towards disability. In this study, the presence of persons with disabilities is something that people generally want to avoid. Where the majority of people do not expect and do not want him or one of his family members to experience it. In addition to wanting to be avoided by the community, the existence of disability also has a number of impacts and problems in daily life. In opinion through this journal, it is more analyzed how the process of change in the pattern of values and community orientation in the acceptance of disability. The results of the study showed that people regarded persons with disabilities lacking attractive physical appearance, lack of security guarantees and lack of support in terms of material needs fulfillment. This has implications on the value and orientation of the people who avoid the state of disability.


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