Politisasi Pelayanan Publik Perspektif Komparatif Beberapa Negara (Mencari Cara Mengontrol Birokrasi)


  • Untung Muhdiarta


This article discusses the politicization of the public sector in various countries that have positive and negative sides. The method of discussion uses a comparative approach to case studies between Indonesia and various other countries. Based on the results of the discussion, it was found that empirically in Indonesia, state administration was strongly influenced by environmental factors (ideology, politics, law, economy, military, social and culture), so that a successful paradigm in one place would not necessarily be successful in another . In fact, government affairs are not only related to how to carry out public services, but also regarding how to carry out development and improve people’s welfare. In developed countries no longer dwell on efforts to accelerate development (development acceleration) and increase economic growth because these countries are relatively stable, public services are a strategic priority program. However, for developing countries, public services may not be a priority agenda because they are still trying to pursue growth and improve development.


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