POLITIK KEWARGAAN MULTIKULTURALISME : (Studi Kasus Tentang Peran Majelis Rakyat Papua dalam Memperjuangkan Kepentingan Masyarakat Adat Papua Era Otonomi Khusus )


  • Ode Jamal
  • Senalince Mara


MRP is a cultural representation institution of indigenous Papuans that was formed since the enactment of Special Autonomy for Papua province. The MRP is expected to act as a protective body, tongue-tongue and fight for the basic rights of indigenous Papuans. This article is the result of research on the role of MRP in fighting for indigenous people of Papua. This study used a descriptive qualitative approach with data collection using literature study and interviews on selected informants from academics and MRP members. The results show that MRP as a cultural institution has a strategic role as an institution of aspiration of indigenous Papuans. MRP as a formal political institution is based on the cultural role to uphold and fight for the rights of indigenous Papuans. The MRP’s role and efforts are also not only dimensionless in enhancing the fulfillment of basic rights and the giving of justice, but supporting the political and democratic arrangements for Indonesia, especially in Papua


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