Optimizing the Role of Papua People’s Assembly (MRP) in Government Administration of Papua Province


  • Lily Bauw Faculty of Law, Cenderawasih University Kamp. Wolker Street, Waena, Jayapura City, Papua, Indonesia




Strengthening of the MRP, the Protection of the Rights of the Papua Natives


The existence of MRP in accordance with the provisions of Law No. 21 of 2001, is expected to affect the development policies in Papua Province, so that it can provide support to the Papua natives, but during the 2001-2018 period, MRP has not been optimal in carrying out its duties and authorities, as indicated by the absence of a strategic and fundamental policy for the Papua natives. In connection with the importance of the existence of MRP, MRP institution shall be strengthened that it shall ideally only consist of 1 MRP representing customs and cultures of the Papua natives. In addition, the authority of MRP shall be strengthened by being positioned as a legislative body such as Provincial House of Representatives, only differentiated based on the scope of its authority, that the scope of DPRP authority covers aspects relating to the protection of population rights, while the MRP’s authority only covers aspects related to the protection of the rights of the Papua natives. Thus, the legislative body at the provincial level shall consist of 2 (two) rooms, namely the Provincial House of Representatives representing the population, and the MRP representing the Papua natives. 


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