Implementation of Sanctions on Juvenile Offenders in Criminal Justice System


  • Winna Amelia A. Senandi Faculty of Law, Cenderawasih University Kamp. Wolker Street, Waena, Jayapura City, Papua, Indonesia



Application, Sanctions, Crimes, Children, Criminal Acts


Research entitled “Implementation of Sanctions on Juvenile Offenders in Criminal Justice System†was carried out to draw attention on how the form of sanctions to children who commit crimes and to figure out how the application of sanctions against juvenile offenders in the juvenile justice system in Jayapura. The chosen method in this research-based paper is empirical normative legal research. This report presented the findings of research that forms of sanctions given to children who commit crimes regulated in the Law on the Juvenile Criminal Justice System are beyond Principal Crimes (criminal warning, criminal with conditions, job training, mentoring in institutions and prisons) and Additional Crimes (Expropriation of profits derived from criminal acts; and Fulfillment of customary obligations). As well, forms of imposition of sanctions against children in the Jayapura IA Class District Court, judges tend to impose criminal sanctions to provide deterrent effect of imprisonment and learning effect. Based on results obtained in this line of research, as a special judge in Jayapura District Court in imposing sanctions on children must really think of the best interests of children by placing criminal sanctions as ultimum remidium. Furthermore, the Diversion system should be used in solving child cases as stipulated in the Juvenile Criminal Justice System.


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