The Role of Indonesian Police Investigators In Order to Criminal Information and Electronic Transactions in Papua

Tumian Lian Daya Purba


One part of law enforcement officers who also has an important role for electronic transaction information cases is The Investigator, in this case the investigator is the Republic of Indonesia Police, where investigators are expected to be able to assist the settlement process against of electronic transaction information violations. The object of this article is related to the Role of Indonesia Police Investigators in order to Criminal Information and Electronic Transactions in Papua, it is using normative juridical methods. The results showed that there is a case of electronic information and transactions  in 2017 with a sentence of more than five years but no detention. It can be clearly seen that investigators does not pay attention for what will happen to the complainant or  witness. And also the investigator has a consideration s that the suspect will not run away and  still cooperative.


Investigator; Crime; Information and Electronic Transactions.

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