Analysis Of Policy Impact On Requirement Of Minimum Land Area of Each Housing Unit In Depok City

Hendro Bowo Kusumo, Nurkholis Nurkholis


This Study was conducted to determine the regulation impact on requirement of minimum land area of each housing unit in Depok City. This study used Regulatory Impact Assesment (RIA) to analyze the impact of the policyimplementation. Analytical tool used in this RIA method was CBA obtained from AHP questionnaire. Result of this study indicated that the most appropriate policy alternative to overcome problems was to repeal the policy on requirement of minimum land area for each housing unit in Depok City. For Depok City Government, it is suggested to repeal provisions in Regional Regulation  No. 13 of 2013 and regional regulation draft concerning Depok City Spatial Plan of 2012-2032 regulating the requirement of minimum land area of 120 square meters for each housing unit.


Housing; Land-use; Regulatory Impact Assesment.

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