Land Acquisition by the Government and the Impact for the Community

Siti Nur Faida Said, Irwansyah Irwansyah


Land acquisition, unlike the purchase of land, is the forcible take-over of privately owned land by the government known as the process by which the government acquires private property for public purposes. Sociologically, land acquisition is more detrimental to the community because damage sometimes does not meet the needs of the community thus the community clearly denies and rejects to the land ownership even though in the end the Government or the State has the power to possess land by expropriating land rights.The purpose of the recent formulated writing is to find out how the impact of the exemption of land rights carried out by the government towards the community. With regard to this issue, this study uses normative method where this study only uses legal research conducted by examining library material resources, afterwards discussion and seeking the findings are carried out hence it can be concluded that the takeover of land rights carried out by the government is liberation through land rights, reformsof land rights by firstly conducting deliberations with appropriate and fair compensation, however in itsfactual implementation the land acquisition does not proceed smoothly due to the compensation value process was immeasurably far away from what is expected by the community thus the community intends to be disadvantaged in this position. On the other hand, in concerned with preserving land, the level of people’s understanding on property rights as well as the orientation of the public purposes is still very degraded.


Land Acquisition; Government; Impact on Society

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